Useful telephone numbers and addresses, more information can be found on


  • Post Office 25 market Place, Caistor. LN& 6TU Tel. 01472 851201
  • Butchers 10 Cornhill ,Caistor. LN7 6UB Tel. 01472 851436
  • Co-op 16 High St,Caistor. LN7 6QF Tel. 01472 851169
    Open 7am-10pm Mon-Sat & 10am-4pm Sun
  • Spar 2 Horsemarket,Caistor.LN7 6UP Tel. 01472 851480
    Open 6am-10pm Mon-Sat & 6-30am-10pm Sun
  • Paper shop 10 Market Place,Caistor.LN76TU Tel. 01472 851333
  • Boots 1 Market Place,Caistor.LN7 6TJ Tel. 01472 851678 (The chemist)
    Open 9am-5-30pm Mon-Frid &9am-1pm Sat
  • Boots 3 Queen st,Market Rasen,LN8 3EH The chemist)
    Open 8.30am-6-30pm Mon-Wed & Frid 8-30am-5-30pm Thurs & Sat.
  • Tesco Linwood Road, Market Rasen.LN8 3AW Tel. 0845 677 9871
    Open 6am-10pm Mon-Sat & 10am-4pm Sun
  • Bank Cash Machines outside old Nat West building in Market Place, Caistor and inside the Post office.
  • Churches details on
  • Doctors Caistor Health Centre,Dale View,Casitor LN7 6NX Tel 01472 851203
  • NHS Direct New number 111
  • Taxi M's Taxi Tel 01652 678366 or 07887794403
  • Police Caistor South Dale LN7 6LS Tel. 01472 851618
  • County Police 999 or 01522 882222 or Non urgent 01522 532222
  • Garage Southdale service station, Southdale,Caistor Tel. 01472 851229


  • Micks Chippy Market Place, Caistor Tel. 01472 851763
    • Mon 11.30am -1.30pm & 4pm-7.30pm
    • Tues 11.30am-2pm & 4pm-8pm
    • Wed 11.30am-1.30pm & 4pm-8pm
    • Thurs 11.30am-2pm & 4pm-8pm
    • Fri 11.30am-2pm & 4pm-8.30pm
    • Sat 11.30am-2pm & 4pm-8pm
  • Pizza 26 Market Place,Caistor LN7 6TU Tel. 01472 852020
  • Indian 2 Horsemarket,Caistor.LN76UP Tel. 01472 852999
  • Chinese 12 Market place.Caistor. LN7 6TW Tel. 01472 859888
  • Savages Fish and Chips 16 High St( Next to the Co-op) 01472 851171. Open 11-2pm & 3-30-8pm.

  • As from January 2019 all water heaters and the emersion heater will be permanently switched on when you arrive.
  • Switch on heating as directed in grey file.
  • READ Fire safety order and health and safety statement on the noticeboard in the entrance.
  • HAVE A fire drill as soon as possible after arrival.


  • Keys to all rooms can be found in the first aid room behind the door.
  • Please don’t lock internal doors other than the caretakers cupboard which should be locked at all times.
  • Keep emergency exit routes clear at all times.
  • Rubbish instructions are in the grey file.
  • All other instructions for appliances etc. Can be found in the grey file.
  • Please don't put notices on the walls there are plenty of notice boards provided.
  • For your £25 to be refunded after your stay please leave the house as you would wish to find it.
  • Warden: Mrs Chris Muir Tel. 01472 329752 or email
  • Clean the toilets and empty rubbish bins. There is no need to empty sanitary bins.
  • Wipe out the Fridge freezer but leave switched on and take home any leftover food.
  • Wipe the cookers and hobs and leave switched on.
  • Switch off appliances except the fridge/freezer and the cookers.
  • Leave all water heaters and emersion tank switched on.
  • Make a note of all breakages, items not working or any suggestions in the book provided. Please notify the warden Mrs Chris Muir ASAP so she can put things right before the next booking.
  • Please make sure the mattress covers are made tidy and report any soiled bed covers to the Warden ASAP. Also would those units in Lincs North Guiding County please take them home, launder them and get them back to Chris Muir ASAP.
  • Close and lock all windows. Leave all the curtains open and the blinds in the Dormitory up. All other blinds please leave across but open.
  • Please turn off the electric in the showers by pulling the cord in the disabled shower and the staff shower and make sure the switch is off outside the cupboard shower.
  • The upright vacuum cleaner must be emptied after vacuuming through. Please don’t empty the other cleaners.
  • Complete a page in the visitors book.
  • Please make sure all doors are closed especially the fire doors and return your set of keys as arranged with the booking secretary.
County House Badge
  • You can order The County House Badge on the booking form. Sale or return can be arranged if you wish.
  • Assorted box of small souvenirs.
  • A box of small sale or return souvenirs can be ordered for purchases during your stay at The County House. Please make enquires with the booking secretary at the time of booking. Advance notice is required.